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God's Got A New Thing:
(10 minute sample)

We are living in an hour in which God has a new thing for all of his people. Even if you have backslidden, God has been waiting for you to come up higher. He has been waiting for you to finish up your pity party so that He can bring you into the new thing.

The Spirit of Azar:
(10 minute sample)

The word Azar is actually a Hebrew word that means help. Azar also means to encircle with protection. God wants you to have help. For example, God gave man a helper that is suitable for the man so that man would look more like God.


"BEHOLD THE WOMAN" by Apostle Wayne Wallace

The woman of God is a superwoman --
able to go through nine months of agony and travail
to bring forth life, and then be willing to have another child!

Paperback. 142 pages.
Published by Anointed Publishing. Price $12.99.

Apostle Wayne Wallace, the founder and pastor of Deeper Revelation Ministries, is proud to present his latest and most dynamic book ever, "BEHOLD THE WOMAN." This book is a must for everyone who is married, divorced or contemplating marriage. It deals with the purpose of the woman. It enables her to understand who she is and what she is.

Superwoman... She can raise the children, guide the house, wash the clothes, shop for groceries, cook the food, clean the house, and work a full time job, all in a single bound, she is Superwoman! A woman of God, who prays for her household, a businesswoman, an intercessor, she feeds the hungry, speaks faith to the faithless, she preaches the gospel to the humble, she is rich with the treasures of God.

She is Superwoman! Able to nurture her children in the admonition of the Lord, Please her husband in all things. She is a blessing to the city and her virtue is present in her words. Yes, She is Superwoman! The glory of the man, but the power of God!

Superwoman... You have supernatural abilities and privilege with God. You have power or supernatural force. You are competent and complete, intelligent and wise. You have influence to help the man in every way!

How to Steer Clear of a Bozo
and Stay Away from the Circus

Price: $10.99

These books were written for the edification, exhortation and comfort of the saints. Five dynamic books to excel you into another dimension of knowledge and understanding. May God release His special blessings upon your life as you read each of these anointed books.

These books are a must for every library of the serious student of the Word of God. These books written by Apostle Wayne Wallace will take you to a new level of understanding in the Word of God. May God bless you as you endeavor to keep the faith in obedience to him in all things. Amen!

Clown Testing in Progress!

If a man does not show genuine interest in you, do not pursue him. No matter how good you think he looks, you bay be risking circus life.

Do not enter a sexual relationship, and then afterward expect him to be righteous! Welcome to the circus!

When a man is more interested in your body than he is with God, then he is a Bozo! Steer clear! Bozo has no moral values and will tell you anything he thinks you want to hear. He will lie, cheat, steal, and kill, just to get you through the circus doors, and into the "freak show." Spiritually he is torn up, raggedy, broke down, and ignorant. Steer clear! You are about to enter the circus dungeon!

Proverbs of an Apostle
Price: $5.99

These books were designed to add to your faith, virtue.

"My heart is indicting a good matter: I speak of the things which I have made touching the king: my tongue is the pen of a ready writer." [Ps. 45:1]

These proverbs were written by faith, through much suffering and prayer. There are over 100 proverbs in this book dealing with husbands and wives. There are many that describe true friendship.

The Revelation of Sowing and Reaping:

One of the deepest revelations you can receive from God is the revelation of sowing and reaping. When you partner with Deeper Revelation Ministries, you are sowing good seed in good ground, and you shall surely reap a harvest -- financially and otherwise. God's laws of sowing and reaping will never fail. There are three phases: (1) Seed, (2) Time, and (3) Harvest. It's just a matter of time, but the harvest is sure. If you sow apple seeds, you don't get oranges. You get apples. In the same way, when you sow a financial seed, you receive a financial return.

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  • How Steer Clear of a Bozo (and Stay Away From the Circus)
  • Behold the Woman (God's Gift to Man)

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